Common Misconceptions 

About Photography

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Let there be Light

There are many misconceptions about photography. If you dare to call yourself a professional photographer there is a belief every image you take will be perfect, that you can shoot just about anything well. 

But photography is a problem-solving art. The art of light.

It’s not the camera, it’s not the lens, though the choices we make selecting these tools, of course will affect the outcome. Knowing these outcomes is imperative.

The key to photography ultimately is light. Our vision, and ability to see light, shape light, and work with the light we have in a given situation. Then later in our post-production to draw out our vision. As even in studio, where we are controlling the light fully, there’s post production work to be done.

The digital darkroom is amazing yet also limited by our individual level of ability and ideas. 

As photographers we are continually learning and perfecting our skills. Upgrading, experimenting, and responding to the demands of the situations we work within. This is the joy, the passion, and challenge so we get the best shots for you. 

The key to all is light

Beware claimants that "do it all"

The Tools

A photographer that has a handle on seeing the light will create better images with any camera.

Some years back I shot a fancy dress wedding with a smartphone. The Steam Punk theme allowed for some fun post-production and processing to black & white to both age and unify the shots.

costumed men framed in doorway

The Skills

The skill of a photographer grows as we practice and apply our skills. We may specialise in products, people, architecture, animals, etc… But few have the expertise in all areas. Beware of claimants that “do it all“.

Ask to see portfolios but also be aware of your own visual literacy, the images may be better than what you can achieve but is there life, character, or vibrancy that will appeal to your clients?

Or perhaps you are looking at a portal or agency that represents a collective of photographers that can provide you with an expert in your given niche.

Be cautious as some do not represent experienced talent.  The levels of skills will vary greatly amongst their stable of shooters. 

wedding dress detail