Why wouldn’t I use video to tell a story?

It’s a great idea to use both video and photos. Video demands time, potential clients will watch if the content is pertinent, useful, and timely. To capture fleeting glances, however, still images, photographs set the scene instantly and provide a quick yet powerful glimpse into what your clients can expect from your services.

Have you got a portfolio that we all could look at?

Absolutely, our portfolios can be viewed here.

What kind of functions have you covered in the past?

We started out shooting weddings and now focus on all types of events and celebrations including business events, conferences and summits. We’ve covered a myriad of award presentations, gala dinners, multi-day conferences, summits, and trade expos. As well as 80th birthday parties and christenings. We have worked with associations, NFP’s, government departments and private enterprises.

Where do you work?

We cover Newcastle, Sydney, and the Hunter Valley region. We have also travelled interstate and regionally when requested, though not so much. We have some wonderful contacts and can recommend shooters in other states if needed.

Is it only you or do you have a team?

We are a small team with a network of reliable qualified and experienced photographers to assist on bigger assignments.

Do you back up your photos?

Yes, edited and supplied images are backed up. However, we do not guarantee future retrieval so strongly recommend our clients purchase and download all the images they require and back up these files on delivery. We are unable to guarantee the longevity of storage technology (it’s moving fast!) or the robustness of external hard drives.

What makes your photos different?

We are all different and we all have a way of building rapport with others. Before embarking on the journey to become a photographer I studied and worked as a community worker. Basically, that means I studied people, the scenarios we encounter, and the beliefs we live by. I believe this had provided a unique insight into working with a wide range of people and I love the wide range of people this has enabled me to work with.

I do recommend that we meet, or at least have a good phone discussion to ascertain that we are the right fit for you and your business. Rapport and understanding the needs of your business is paramount to getting the best for your shoot. Working collaboratively to envisage the images you require is our main goal.

We have a certain process and methodology we apply to our event photography and we follow this discipline to capture your event. We want our clients to love our style and to feel confident what we offer is what they need to move ahead


I’ve got an iPhone, the latest iPhone that takes really great photos, why are your photos different?

Phones are fantastic for every day, snapshot use in good lighting situations and personal & social pages. Problems arise in low light. Unfortunately, in our experience, smartphones and everyday snappers have little or no understanding of lighting. The quality of a phone image is pushed to its maximum and will probably not be particularly useful for print media nor as a great representation in influencing the perception of a business seeking new clients.

I have shot a whole wedding on a phone but I’m a skilled technician and artist. I know light and editing techniques. The wedding suited an aesthetic the phone would allow. It was a fancy dress affair that called for a fun approach.

Are you going to be in the way at our event?

We do our utmost to be a fun and positive part of your event. Our first considerations are your guests, sponsors, keynote speakers, and the quality of image we create for you. As your photographers, we assume the role of ambassadors, placing the experience of your guest as paramount. We’re considerate of the line of view, and will not occupy any one position too long to get the necessary shots you need.

We’ve got 5,000 delegates coming in. Is there a size or a capacity issue that you have?

We recommend determining the key aspects of the conference that need to be captured. This will help determine the number of photographers required and hours necessary on deck. The output use of your imagery will help determine these factors. It’s best if we can have a discussion with you to determine our capacity to assist so please contact us.

Do we own the photographs at the end of the process?

Your images can be used in any self-promotional collateral you desire. The copyright protects the resell of images. You may not sell, loan, or give the images to another commercial enterprise for their promotion. More information on copyright is outlined in our T&C’s.

Do we have to pay per photograph that we bought or do you give us a package?

Event Photography:

Our pricing is based on the length of time of your event, with consideration to post-production, delivery, turnaround and location.

Portrait Photography:

With portraiture, some packages are based on a given number of images.

What happens if we don’t like the results?

We guarantee our work. If you are not satisfied with the images all copies will be deleted to avoid unintended publication, and you will be refunded in full.

What are your prices?

Event photography prices range from $660 for our minimum two-hour booking to $1,400 for a full-day conference. Portrait photography prices start at $450+. We have some packages and will quote for some assignments. Our pricing is determined by the number of people and image complexity. We arrange traditional headshots through to web and print illustration.

If you do backup photos, how long do you keep them for?

Yes, we back up the images. We keep them for 1 year. However, we cannot guarantee technology or retrieval and recommend you download and back up your own collection. For family photography and occasions, we strongly recommend printing your favourite shots.

Are we allowed to use the photos in all our media?


Do you bring any props?

For events, no. If you are seeking a costume photo booth we can refer you to companies, we have encountered.

For portraiture and editorial imagery, we will discuss props and locations that may be required in advance in our planning meeting.

Do your photos come with your logo on them?

No, we do not add our logo to your purchased images. We can add your logo as desired. We may occasionally watermark images with our logo, on charitable events or contra deals where we have gifted our time in return for promotion.

You’ve got a lot of competitors. Why should we choose you?

We work with driven event producers and business owners looking to become or hold the superstar position in their arena. We want to be the best fit we can be with our clients. If you’re seeking to position your business as a sort after entity, we want to be on your team. We promise to provide you with top shots at every event.

Imagery and art are very subjective – if you like our aesthetic, we’re a good fit. We are good at what we do and we love working with those that like our style.

Are you negotiable on price?

Generally speaking, we do not reduce our prices without an offer of equal or greater value on the table. Give us a call, let’s see if we can help each other. FYI we don’t work for ‘Exposure’, our reputation is pretty good and like you, we like to eat and want to stay in business. We occasionally offer a discount price to charities and charitable events if we are available. We currently support Zonta Club of Sydney Breakfast, a charity for the advancement of girls and women around the world.

How much notice do we need to give you?

Preferably 1-2 months in advance to ensure our availability. Last-minute booking can occasionally be filled but we have had to disappoint a number of later comers in the past.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request a 20% non-refundable deposit with your booking to secure the date. We are flexible when it comes to unavoidable disruptions and will credit deposits toward a new date assuming the date is mutually available.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The show must go on! Most event coordinators have a backup plan for outdoor events and bad weather. We will follow your lead. With outdoor portrait shoots we will generally reschedule or relocate.

How much photoshopping do you do with the photos?

All selected portrait images are retouched for blemish removal and colour correction, eye enhancement, wrinkle reduction, dark eye circles, and stray hairs. Event images are colour corrected and processed to create unity among all images delivered to you. We aim for 50-60 images per hour for event photography depending on the nature of the function.


Do you consult with us to get the right sort of photos?

Yes, absolutely. Knowing the purpose and intention your images serve is essential. We will schedule a call or meeting with you to determine requirements, the primary focus and keys elements. We will also advise so you have the best stock of imagery possible for your own PR and promotions.

Do you use different lighting?

Depending on the venue and available lighting we may use flash. We also have a LinkedIn photo booth option which has been greatly received at a variety of conferences we have covered. This requires a studio lighting set-up onsite.

How do I know that you will capture the style and essence of the event?

We are very happy to put you in touch with one or two of our clients. Would you like us to organise this for you? Contact Us Now

Do you have other questions in mind?

Send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.