#VoteYes WOOHOO!!

It’s with enormous pride I announce my first lesbian wedding

You possibly know I don’t generally shoot weddings.

But yes, I used to.

I was also once a youth and community worker.

And as such, I was a part of a team running an Anti-Homophobia “Same Same but Different” program in schools. This was one of the most rewarding aspects of my work as a youth & community worker.

Knowing we were helping young people create safe spaces in their environments is priceless. I’ve heard too many stories of bullying, disownment, ostracism, and suicide. To stand against prejudice is everything for me.

Reading the trending #TheyGetToVote tweets show attitudes and actions still need challenging. That’s why I will #VoteYES and happily support gay marriage.

I value relationships that are good for society. I value the commitment one person makes to another, and I value compassion and love in our society.

My First Gay Wedding

Thank you, Kim & Emma for asking me to be a part of your day. I am stoked you picked me, it is an honour and privilege. You deserve to enjoy all the excitement preparing for your wedding day, others get to experience. Love you girls, stay strong x

It can be daunting booking in services when you don’t know how a business will react towards you. We’re very lucky that we have you on our side… We’re just so pleased that you are looking forward to our wedding.
It means a lot to us
Kim & Emma

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