Common Misconceptions 


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1) handle or control

2) control or influence

Manipulation, which can be understood as handling or controlling, is often frowned upon in photography, particularly when it comes to the use of filters. Claims of “no filter” are frequently made to emphasise the authenticity of images in the photography community.

However, the concept of manipulation in imagery is widely misunderstood. Allow me to clarify: Every time you capture a moment, whether through your eyes or with a camera, you inherently manipulate the view of the world. This manipulation is influenced by the camera itself, be it film or a digital sensor. Additionally, factors such as lens focal length, shutter speed, aperture, subject pose or angle, and lighting conditions all contribute to the final outcome of an image.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves in a society where France is considering legislation that would require influencers to disclose when an image has been filtered or manipulated. Implying unlabeled photos are unaltered, when in fact all photographic images undergo some level of manipulation. This is simply the inherent nature of photography.

Filters, an opinion

Everyone should feel valued in front of the lens

Perfection ~ perception

Distorted notions of perfection contribute to the ongoing cycle in which we find ourselves.

Influencers, though not the root issue, are a product of our long-standing obsession with an idealised visual world that has persisted for decades.

Ironically, I never thought I would defend “influencers.” I personally find the concept a little absurd, but I am old-fashioned in my thinking. There again in the past, we did have movie stars, models, and music idols who were heavily edited and airbrushed.

Yet despite our awareness of these techniques, we still couldn’t help but feel inadequate for not measuring up—I speak from my own experience.

As a photographer, I have come to understand one fundamental truth: THE CAMERA ALWAYS DECEIVES.

Today, a new generation is shaping the narrative of what they want to see and how they want to see it.

Some people are suffering, and it is indeed our responsibility to provide them with the necessary tools to feel confident in their own skin and to realise that external validation is not a prerequisite for earning respect as a person.

Unfortunately, I doubt that legislating labels on images will achieve this goal.

Be You ~ Be Happy

We 💖 you as you are

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Using filters in photography to control or manipulate the image is generally considered negative and frowned upon.

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