So you Want to hire a photographer

to shoot your business photos

So you want to hire a photographer... » Hire


Think about what you want your images to achieve for your business.

  • Are they setting the expectations of future clients?
  • Demonstrating your working ethos?
  • Creating anticipation or aspiration? 

 hey Rolex…

Who are your images speaking to?  What’s the price bracket of your customers?

If you consider a few brands from say Rolex to Lowes, luxury watches – budget-conscious clothing where do you place your brand on this continuum?

Have you considered what your marketing budget is to reflect your business aspiration?


If a picture paints a thousand words think carefully about what you want to say and how you will say it. 

There may be limitations with budget, location, talent, props etc… 

If you’re seeking a Rolex outcome do you have the budget to hire the photographer, retoucher, stylist, studio, model, etc… to make that happen?

Being realistic from the outset will assist you in identifying the right photography service for your business.

So you want to hire a photographer... » Hire

Have you considered how you will reflect your own business aspirations?

So you want to hire a photographer... » Hire

Great Camera…

There’s a popular misconception of photographers that we can shoot anything and everything with a good camera. It’s not true, we won’t be shooting for Rolex anytime soon. 

What we do is, help small and medium-sized businesses create well-rounded, well-shot, relaxed, and purposeful imagery that reflects their client base and market position. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. We work collaboratively helping you plan and visualise what is achievable and desirable within any constraints there may be.

So you want to hire a photographer... » Hire


Pre-planning your shoot and having all the ducks in a row will pay dividends when it comes to making the most of the time we have to shoot with you and your team. When we work with clients we go through a series of questions ascertaining wants, desires, and what’s needed to achieve this. We give you a clear idea of what’s doable and what’s advisable with your goal and budget in mind.


If your service or product is aimed at premium budget clients, for example, Rolex you may be paying up to $1k per image.  So think carefully about who you wish to attract, the quality of imagery these expectations demand, and who the best photography service would be for you.