This month is dedicated to testing the perceptions YOU make.


Find out how you are perceived in business

You can TEST it for YOURSELF
You know the perception a business is important. You know who you trust. But are you aware WHY? We all make assumptions, we all act on instinct and we are all influenced by what we see and perceive to see.
Yes we are a product of our experiences and prejudices. . Yes you may want to challenge prejudice but do you want to do it at the expense of actually being able to sit at the table?
If you want your business to succeed there are some fundamental elements that need to be evident to prospective clients.
You want clients to engage with YOU.
Photo Feeler is a great new site we’ve discovered that allows you to test your image.
Test your influence for BUSINESS, social media or dating.
At Yve Lavine Photography we’re super interested in your business and how it thrives. We want you to have the best results to ensure your business grows and succeeds. We want you to rank in influence and competence. Tapping into current research helps us bring you the results you want. We love this and thought you would too!

Test with complete strangers for the most impartial test available

Photo Feeler provides opportunity to test a number of images before you choose THE ONE. Photo Feeler has also conducted studies revealing attributes that assist and hinder perception.
They suggests elements of a portrait that score well, what not to do, as-well-as what you can do.
This article shows results from varying types of profile images that SCORE best. https://blog.photofeeler.com/perfect-photo/

This image demonstrates our client Stacy. The first image though showing Stacy delivering expert advice it fails to provide the impact we would like to imagine. The second image is the one we shot with Stacy. There were a number of comments including;

Excellent photo! Makes you look very interesting

It is so important today to have a professionally shot image

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