I hate posed shots!

We hear this nearly all the time and yet pose we must. Looking natural on camera is all about rapport. When your photographer helps you feel relaxed your images will look unposed and you’ll have fun.

I hate posed shots! » Photo

Portrait shoot in an urban street

We as photographers, have to learn how to suggest poses to you so you feel comfortable and your personality shines through in your shots. It’s a tall ask, most of us are pretty awkward and self-conscious when it comes to being photographed. Place you in a public area and yep we get it, the awkward dial just ratcheted up a notch or twenty! This is why I ask for at least 8-10 minutes per person for a simple LinkedIn portrait photo shoot when even if we are shooting a large group of employees.

Group Photoshoots

From couples, and work groups to families or a bunch of friends our job as your photographers is to help you look great and have fun so your images are amazing and a reflection of your personality.

For family shoots and weddings, there are numerous considerations as often dynamics come into play and children can have particularly short attention spans. It has to be fun no matter what or those stunned mullet statue images will creep in. I’d rather put the camera down, and re-establish a relaxed friendly vibe and continue.

Family photo shoot

Go with the flow, energies may be high and attentions short

Tips & Tricks

Posing should be subtle. We will give you little prompts and ideas on what to do. From walking back & forth, looking in different directions, and suggested interactions with your shoot mates, to hugs and outright dancing. Depending of course on what type of shoot this is. I personally like to dance so asking you to shake a leg here and there comes pretty naturally to me.

  1. Don’t overthink it
  2. Be playful
  3. Move around
  4. Breath
  5. Relax

If I suggest you blow into your partner’s ear (close friend, engagement, or a wedding shoot perhaps) natural giggles tend to follow. Or having the kids point toward somebody off-camera a little tac-tics we’ll employ to get the shots your after.

I hate posed shots! » Photo

Having fun

I hate posed shots! » Photo

Working together

Or I might ask you to swish together and then relax the touch but stay close. We want to create shapes, a sense of connection, joy, and friendship or love. Of course, the nature of the shoot determines the link and the bond that we will aim to convey. We will be guided by you in our initial consultation. The goal of your photo shoot is how we aim to please you.

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