How to Create

Visual content for your socials

Restaurant staff in action

Your customers want to see themselves in your images 

Your job on socials is to give customers a taste of what’s to come.

Create a sense of place and tell the stories they can visualise themselves in. Make them ready to enjoy the experience you and your staff provide.

Show a variety of imagery

Venue details, staff shots, wide-angle views. Alongside happy customers, helpful staff. A few behind-the-scenes stories and products and services details


Happy woman at restaurant holding a glass of wine
Customer being served
Bruschetta on plate with fork

Socials need to give potential customers a taste of what’s to come. They will feel this is a welcoming place for them and their family and friends. Your venue and staff are awaiting their arrival.

Provide interesting


fired up behind the scenes in a restaurant

Thanks to Yak & Yeti, a new restaurant in Raymond Terrace NSW. Fantastic helping you create a suite of images for you to use across your social media platforms. 


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