Imagine what could owning a library of images reflective of your brand and community do for your business

  • Do you want to retain and grow your customer base?
  • Do you use social media to speak to your tribe?
  • Have you created a visual language unmistakably YOU?


The Media Pack is a perfect solution to foster your tribes following.

Posts with images garner 97% more engagement than a post without an image.

You know your brand is uniquely yours.

Generic stock doesn’t cut the mustard.

You, nor your staff have the time to do it all!

Having your own stock library at your fingertips saves you time. In today’s business world you need some social media presence but you also need to stay working with your customers.

With the Media Pack, you schedule your shoots to fit your marketing strategy and timetable.

Bookings are in hourly blocks.

Additional shoot time, if required is easily added at a discounted membership fee.

There are no image licensing limitations on time usage. We travel to you at no additional cost*

(*up to 25km from the CBD)

You will have a password protected online gallery to store and retrieve your images.

Files are as web ready for all your social platforms.

We will also help you develop your visual branding themes as we go.

  • Visual Branding Guidance
  • It likes having your own paparazati on board
  • Your personal image library
  • Quality images
  • Brand consistency
  • Time-saving
  • Password protected storage gallery


PO Box 26
Randwick NSW 2031
0417 430 088


You can easily increase the number of hours to your base package or you can upgrade a package mid term if it’s looking like more shoots will be required in your year.