How to run your next staff shoot with clockwork precision

Sometimes it’s good to learn from your clients and last week offered some great lessons we can share with you so your next team shoot is efficient, fun and on-task.

The Backstory

Little Real Estate engaged us to create portrait imagery for their Sydney teams with the look and feel “At Home With…”. We had 38 team members, two locations, three and half days to shoot. Our liaison manager, Shanon Campbell, is probably the best company marketing coordinator I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Shanon organised her team and resources with clockwork precision that kept everyone involved happy and on task.

Here are some of the skills and talents Shanon put into play that we’d like to share with you so you’re prepared for your next big re-branding shoot.


  • Location
  • Time
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Briefing

1: Location

  • Choosing locations is important. This is the backdrop that will provide the framing of the story for your business and people.

The right location will be accessible and undisturbed for the duration of your shoot. Being able to keep equipment set up and ready allows for the photography crew to keep to time and maintain continuity for your images. Think about your mission and vision for the business this will guide the look and feel of your imagery.

  1. Time
  • Give individuals an arrival time 15 minutes before their shoot time.

Providing ample lead time for individuals allows for the shoot not only to run on-time but can substantially reduce the time needed. In turn there’s less stress for all on set and no back log for those that arrive at their allocated time. As we know in business…“Time is Money”

  1. Flexibility
  • Provide breathing space in your timetable to allow for the inevitable hiccups so individuals can be popped into another slot or day.
  • Be willing to change logistics when evidently beneficial to all.

We had two shoot locations book-ended which meant heavy equipment being moved from location to location and back. Recognising unnecessary complexity and being flexibility will avoid headaches for all involved.  Shanon saw this and made the call to keep the best location available for our fourth day, no heavy equipment haul, dismantling or re-setup = time saved = win-win.

  1. Communication

Additionally, Shanon did such an amazing job with her team organising lifts to the location, scheduling team members from the same office to arrive together etc. so the shoot could run smoothly. It helped of course, that the team were amenable and accommodating. The friendly culture of the business shone through.

  1. Stick to the brief

Creating a clear brief and sticking with it is paramount to achieve the results you want. Some flexibility is good. Changes within certain parameters are manageable but introducing new concepts, un-scouted locations or completely different subjects can result in a nightmare. Shoots run smoothly when the plan’s mapped and understood.

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