Creating video tutorial content with impact

If you are regularly doing Vox Pox style (head to camera) videos read on…

If your video strategy is to educated and inform, there are a few technical areas you should consider before you begin. Take a look at these short clips on how to better utilise your phone for your video production.
Keep it simple and short. Especially for social media platforms
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Short and sweet
  • No intros are required, it’s posted on your page don’t waste valuable seconds
  • Be well prepared and planned
    • but naturally presented
    • practice and warm-up
  • Edit your video appropriately we have fleeting attentions
Look at the CAMERA, this is so important and an easy error to make. I know I’ve done it too. All too often the presenter is looking at themself in the phone. When played back it looks like they’re speaking away from your audience. Unless you have a second person that is interviewing you that you are obviously addressing look at the lens of the camera.
Light is the most important aspect of any photography. Being seen in good light is not just a saying! With video sound is very important too of course.
  • Face the main light source
  • Don’t be in shadow
Sound is key in video
  • Eliminate other noise distractions as best as possible
  • Don’t film outside on a windy day
Your voice is important. Listen to the tips from master MC Warwick Merry and the tips on variation for impact.
Another gem of a tip from professional MC Warwick Merry on how to ‘a pause’ to allows your audience to ponder and think about the information you are imparting