Case Study

Planning & Environment Cluster Corporate Services

The Brief

We were charged with the mission to capture the coverage of the CEO Awards 2017 for best practice and service. The event for the nominated staff and teams working to make NSW a great place to live and work.

The Challenge

As with most Award Events, it’s important to capture great shots of the award winners collecting their prize with the Chief Executive. Often stage lighting and projected images are problematic especially with taller people. Our challenge was to ensure each winner and group of winners had a perfect shot

The Solution

Our working process for events is well established. Working with the key coordinator we gather all details on running order, key images required, key people, image output and image delivery turnaround.

On the day of the event, the key images requiring forethought would be the award presentation. We established the best location on stage to present the awards. We liaised with key personnel marked up the stage and ensured taken each shot would run smoothly and with a sense of lightness and fun.

Post-event EPA needed the key images of winners for the following day’s internal comms. We ensured this happened

Client Testimonial

I have just viewed the photos and they are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all your efforts, your work is fabulous. It was an absolute pleasure and ease to work with you. We will be sure to keep you top of mind for any future events.

Lexie Feher-Langley, HR Events Consultant

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