Our adorable winner is…Ruby, pictured here with the courageous Alex

I have such joy announcing the clear winner, Ruby but also have a heavy heart in knowing Alex, Ruby’s owner, is a very unwell young woman. Alex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer aged 25, and sadly in the past week, Alex has been placed in palliative care.

Alex and I have been communicating on how to deliver her prizes. And at her request, the prizes will be replaced as a donation to The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. We’ve made the $100 donation yesterday for the value of the Red Ballon voucher.

With the portrait, I’d like to put that up for auction. The value is $560 and I’d like to raise at least $300 perhaps $400 if we can. You can enter the auction below.

Entering the Top Dog contest, Alex wrote, “My little dog is the most special thing in my life, so it was a distraction from sad times”. As you can see in our TopDog winning picture Ruby & Alex share a special bond and it’s great to know Ruby has been such a comfort to Alex. As most dog lovers know their companionship can brightening our darkest days.

Alex has given me permission to share her story and I hope you are as moved as I am. If you would like to make a donation in her honour, please click the link below to be taken to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundations website.

You can also find out more about Alex and her journey with ovarian cancer through her blog, she’s one inspiring woman! I recommend you get to know her.